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Breathing for Liftoff (35m + 25m, Patrons)

This pair of short lessons is designed to be completed together the first time, or with a short break between them.
  • Lesson 1 - Reduce tension and anxiety and free your breath by sensing the details of how you hold and release it, then explore a new image of exchanging air with the environment.
  • Lesson 2 (begin at 34:00) - Experiment with the elasticity of both the ground and your breathing apparatus, and directly experience what physicists call ground reaction forces.

Donor Event: 5th Anniversary Update, "Reversible Diagonals" Lesson, and "What Action Is Good?"
(Members & Patrons video content)

This Feldenkrais Project 5th anniversary event includes
  • Project Update: Where we've been, how we've done it, and where we're headed next.
  • Lesson: Reversible Diagonal Lengthening and Lifting, with “Piano Playing” Fingers and Toes (back-lying and front-lying)
  • Talk: Nick summarizes Lesson #2, "What Action is Good?", from Moshe Feldenkrais's book called Awareness Through Movement.
April 7, 2024


Lifting Like a Baby + Simultaneous Lifting (Patrons)

Discover how baby-like games of effortlessness can make you a more poised and potent adult. Starts with explorations of how you first lifted your head while lying on your belly in your crib. Then in back-lying you'll learn to quietly, precisely lift and lower parts of your body while studying details of ground support, muscle tone, and reversibility of movement, leading to a discovery of surprising "new" baby skills at the end. Begins with a three-minute talk about the perceptual paradoxes of "effortless" movement.


Joyful Lifted Rolling (Patrons)

Starts with an exploration of grounding in standing. Then very simple side-lying movements gradually expand toward rolling. You'll learn to extend and gather the limbs on one side of your body, then the other, as you coordinate larger rolls with increasingly skillful control of your flexors and extensors. All this creates a profoundly lighter sense of your body and mind. Starts with a two-minute talk reviewing the major principles of grounding for liftoff.

Deep Dive: Grounding for Liftoff

Connect to the ground so clearly that you move as if weightless. Learn to draw the earth’s buoyancy up and through yourself and into action.
February 28, 2024

Self Empowerment Workshop
(Members & Patrons video content)

Includes a FREE talk and two ATM lessons for donors, plus discussion. Lesson #1, Heel Spirals Through Buttocks, Hips, and Shoulders (back-lying), combines and refines ideas from the three Lifting Up and Through lessons (linked below). Lesson #2, Integrating the Feet for Potent Uprightness (back-lying), grounds us in another way, making all that we do in gravity easier. This workshop is a literally uplifting celebration of finding inner strength with Feldenkrais!
February 27, 2024

Little Dip: "Use your glutes!" they say. But how?

Our Little Dips gather a few standalone Feldenkrais Project related lessons on a theme, and always include at least one free lesson. They first appear in our monthly newsletter. Subscribe here. “Use your glutes!” …say the fitness and wellness pros. “The pelvis is your power center.” “The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body.”…
February 15, 2024

Lifting Up and Through 3: Buttocks and Buoyancy
(Members & Patrons video lesson)

This exploration of Feldenkrais's classic buttocks lessons is especially tuned to improve walking. Along with Lifting Up and Through 1 & 2, these three closely-related lessons are designed to be explored and reviewed in any order. They may seem different on the surface, but they all point to global patterns of lifting ourselves into effective action through clarified connections with the earth.
February 8, 2024


The "Morning Prayer" Lesson (Patrons)

With the hands together like a child praying, learn to move them up and down in front of you first in lying down, then sitting, then kneeling, gradually expanding this gentle movement into a larger and larger action. Details of the scapulas, spine, atlas, tongue, eyes, and floor support are investigated. Framed by brief explorations in standing.


Lifting Up and Through

Back-lying, mostly one knee bent, one foot standing. Develop an action of lifting your hip forward in a grounded and distributed way as you learn to draw clear support from the earth up and through you. Great for stability, strength, and confidence in walking, and all upright movement. Framed by experiments in standing and walking.
December 26, 2023

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