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Deep Dives

In the Deep Dives below we’ve gathered lessons from the general interest collections on our homepage into specialized learning contexts.

There are many freely offered, donor supported lessons in most of our Deep Dives. They’re accessible to all, no account needed. When you click on lessons marked “Patrons” you’ll be asked to sign in or sign up as a Patron-level Feldenkrais Project donor.

NEW: Supple Feet, Powerful Legs

Explore, improve, and enjoy your edges, arches, ankles, and knees, and integrate them with your whole self.

Walking from Your Spine

Mostly Patrons-only lessons, first lesson free in November

We think of legs doing the walking, but our axis is more responsible for walking (and running) than you might think.

A Pelvic Clock “Primer”

Essential learning based on (and including) Moshe Feldenkrais’ famous “Pelvic Clock” lesson.

The Illusion of Isolation

Coming Soon!

Differentiation and integration practice for super-movers like athletes, dancers, and musicians…and the rest of us, too!

Free While Constrained

Lessons learned in quarantine: supportive somatic metaphors for encountering limits with sensitivity, curiosity, and grace.

Rock & Roll! (and Rotate)

Fascinating, fun, and richly rewarding! A peek at the unique neurological benefits of rolling.

Curious about the difference between our resources for free users, Member-level donors, and Patron-level donors? Click here:

What We Offer

We all thrive when more people are doing more Feldenkrais. Please share this resource!

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