At the Feldenkrais Project we do everything we can to make the life-changing benefits of Feldenkrais study available to anyone with an internet connection. Whenever possible, we recommend in-person study with a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner for these added benefits:

  • In live group Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes, the instructor can give individualized feedback and guidance, and tailor the lesson to best meet the needs of the students.
  • In one-to-one Functional Integration (FI) lessons, the Feldenkrais Practitioner's hands and instructions guide your movement and attention in a gentle, non-invasive way, creating a very individualized learning environment.

Scroll down to view and link to 1) contact information for Feldenkrais Practitioners who are Founders or current Patron-level donors to the Feldenkrais Project, 2) Nick Strauss-Klein's local Feldenkrais practice in Minnesota, USA, 3) search the membership of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America (FGNA) and, 4) the member organizations of the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) in 21 countries.

Are you a Feldenkrais Practitioner and a current Patron of the Feldenkrais Project? If you wish, and you’re professionally certified in your country, we will proudly feature your practice’s website and/or contact information below for the duration of your Patron membership. If I’ve missed putting you on this page, or you have edits for your listing, please contact me! -Nick

Feldenkrais Practitioners who are Founders or Current Patrons

We are grateful for their support and partnership and encourage you to seek them out for Feldenkrais lessons and classes! We are happy to feature worldwide Feldenkrais Practitioner Patrons, as long as you're professionally certified in your country of residence.


Phoenix: Lauri Sippel, Founder, Occupational Therapist and Certified Awareness Through Movement Teacher


Cupertino: Studio S3NSE,,

Los Angeles: Patricia Zehentmayr, Founder, GCFP,

San Jose: Michele Westlaken, Founder, GCFP,


Louisville: Laurie Draper, Founder, GCFP, MSE,


Naples: JoAnn Rahl, Patron, GCFP, 501 Goodlette Rd N Suite D-100, Naples, FL 34102, 239-777-2597.


Danville: Mary Rudd, GCFP, Patron. Offering both online and in-studio classes and private sessions. See or email


Baltimore: Paris Kern, Patron, Feldenkrais Trainer, Feldenkrais Training Program of Baltimore, 208 Edgevale Road, Baltimore, MD 21210, 410-433-6066.


Somerville: Tiffany Sankary, Founder, artist, GCFP, creator of Feldenkrais Illustrated: The Art of Learning, a visual guide to the philosophy and writings of Moshe Feldenkrais, and Movement and Creativity Library, an online library of 150+ Feldenkrais lessons, Organic Intelligence® and Authentic Movement practices, to help support nervous system regulation and awaken creativity.


Bloomington: Sharon O’Connor, Founder, GCFP and Physical Therapist

Minneapolis: Galen David, Founder, GCFP, LPCC, Psychotherapy and Somatic Education,

Red Wing: Linda Flanders, Founder, GCFP, Practitioner specializing in trauma victims, works at

Welch: Lisa Walker, Founder, GCFP, Feldenkrais Minnesota,

New Jersey

Princeton: Barbara Zera Abramson, GCFP, Patron, 609-252-0488,

West Long Branch: Pat Kennelly, Founder, PT, GCFP, Chronic Pain Specialist, NJ PT Lic.# 40QA00293100, Creative Motion 4U, 1049 Broadway Suite 2, West Long Branch, NJ 07764, 732-778-6513,

New Mexico

Santa Fe: Carolyn Sue Albin, Patron, GCFP,,

Taos: Judith Hovetter, Patron, GCFP, AwarenessWorks Feldenkrais Studio, 575-770-2933,

New York

Brooklyn: Deborah Gieringer, Founder, GCFP

Highland: Nancy Gayle Judson, Patron, GCFP, 5113 Merlot Dr, Highland, NY 12528. PH: 845-216-7563. Email:

New York: Carol Teitelbaum, Founder, GCFP,

New York: Janet Steele, Founder, GCFP,

New York: Julie Sandler-Friedman, Founder & Patron, PT, DPT, GCFP,

New York: Rachel Potasznik, Founder, GCFP, CYT,


Portland: Johanna Rayman, Founder, GCFP, and Clinical Social Worker specializing in trauma recovery and pain management,

Washington, DC:

Seth Dellinger, Patron, GCFP, (with frequent blog posts about the Feldenkrais Method and related subjects) • Instagram: #dcfeldenkrais • Facebook:


Dunsborough, Western Australia: Jenny D'Cruz, website:, email:


Queretaro: Sofia Vernon, Cel (52) 4423431297, English and Spanish

To study in person with Nick Strauss-Klein

Visit to learn about study opportunities with Nick in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area, Minnesota, USA.

Nick teaching a Functional Integration lesson to a Feldenkrais student.
Marsh Main Studio ATM

The Feldenkrais Guild of North America

To search the FGNA's practitioner database, including by city or zip code, click here.

The International Feldenkrais Federation

The IFF is a federation of Feldenkrais Guilds and Associations in 21 countries, along with the Training Accreditation Boards (TABs) on three continents. Its member organizations represent about 7,000 teachers and practitioners and 880 trainees.


  1. Nazar Rahim on January 21, 2021 at 2:43 am

    Hi . my self from India , wanted to know that,is there any course available in India . I am interested to become a part of your team in India bcoz of a language problem ,if you guys need any translater for your program in sub continent my self available , in Bangladesh Bengali,in Pakistan Urdu . India Hindi .

    • Nick Strauss-Klein on January 21, 2021 at 10:37 am

      Thanks for offering! At this time we don’t have the resources to coordinate with official translators, but I can grant you permission to informally translate, in the spirit of spreading the benefits of Feldenkrais study as widely as possible (that’s our vision).

      ALWAYS name The Feldenkrais Project as your source, provide a LINK to the lesson audio player page for the lesson you translate and/or transcribe, and please recommend that anyone who accesses your translation donate to The Feldenkrais Project when possible.

      I do NOT give permission for direct translations (or my original audio) to be used to teach a group class. All Feldenkrais Project lessons are copyright by me, offered for personal use only.

      Thanks for your interest and understanding!


  2. Nazar Rahim on December 25, 2021 at 1:10 am

    Thanks for your kind reply , please help me to improve my knowledge for this subject.

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