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You’ll hear that this talk segues directly into Lesson 1, finishing with “Sit toward the front of the chair.” Please press the button above if you’re ready to do the lesson.

The handout mentioned in the talk included these two graphics. The first is what students looked at during this talk. The second is referenced in the first lesson.

sit bones sitting

Here’s an illustration from Alexander Technique London to help you find your sitbones! Click on it to visit and read a post I can recommend called “Stand on your bottom, what?!”. Sometimes people are surprised by how relatively close to their midline the sitbones are.

This talk is found in our Easier Sitting collection. At the workshop where it was recorded it segued directly into track 2 of this collection, which is lesson 1 from the workshop.

The handouts that the workshop students received as they entered also included a A Student FAQ for Feldenkrais workshops with Nick Strauss-Klein.

The information in the email for workshop participants that I mention in the recording is available here. This written material was designed to add more intellectual understanding after the experiential learning of the workshop, so perhaps continue through the audio first.

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