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Getting Oriented - large

Short lessons and talks cover the basics. Great for everyone, perfect for newcomers.

Getting Oriented
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For Standing, Walking, and Running - Feldenkrais Method with Nick Strauss-Klein

Essentials of human uprightness. Recommended after Getting Oriented.

Lying Down Lessons for Better Standing, Walking, and Running
For Easier Sitting - Feldenkrais Method with Nick Strauss-Klein

Study seated or lying down. Reduce pain and improve dynamic sitting skills.

Essential Lessons for Easier Sitting
Freeing the Spine, Chest, Shoulders, & Neck - Feldenkrais Method with Nick Strauss-Klein

Reduce pain & tension. Improve flexibility & breathing. Best after the collections above.

Free Your Spine, Chest, Shoulders, & Neck
Learning the Limbs - Feldenkrais Method with Nick Strauss-Klein

For more experienced listeners seeking precision, power, and grace.

Learning the Limbs, from the Center
Miscellaneous Lessons - Feldenkrais Method with Nick Strauss-Klein

Lesson titles and descriptions help you choose.

Miscellaneous Lessons

70 additional lessons for our Patron-level donors

Everyone can browse titles, descriptions, lesson notes, and listener comments

Patrons Monthly - Feldenkrais Method with Nick Strauss-Klein

Dozens of full-length and short lessons for our Patron-level donors. Content added monthly!

Patrons Monthly
Lessons from Awareness Through Movement - Feldenkrais Method with Nick Strauss-Klein

Developed from Moshe Feldenkrais’s 1972 book, for our Patron-level donors.

Lessons from Awareness Through Movement
Legacy and Alternate Lessons - Feldenkrais Method with Nick Strauss-Klein

For some folks the oldies are the goodies. Available to Patron-level donors.

Legacy and Alternate Lessons

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