Just watched our YouTube intro? It was produced before the pandemic and before we created our weekly Zoom video class and replays. This post clarifies our video offerings.

Our intro video mentions that our Patron-level donors enjoy live video lessons. These are our Patrons Quarterly events, a “thank you” benefit for our Patron-level donors. Four times each year Nick shares a live update and discussion about The FP with Patrons, then a live video lesson. Replays of past events are available for Patrons.

When the pandemic started we added another video lesson resource. The FP Weekly Zoom class and replays are a separate project not supported by Feldenkrais Project donations.

Instead we fund it by pay-what-you-can tuition to make this additional service as accessible as possible. This also allows Feldenkrais Project donors to choose to pay less if they wish, in light of the financial contributions they’re already making to The FP.

Click here for The FP Weekly Zoom class and replays
(pay-what-you can tuition)

Click here for Patrons Quarterly video conferences and replays
(included with donor benefits for Patron-level donors)

Click here for our primary resource: 52 freely offered permanent audio lessons
(funded by our donors)



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