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Legacy and Alternate Lessons

The lessons in this collection are available for our Patrons-level donors only, but everyone can see their titles and descriptions below. (Click here to learn about Member-level and Patron-level “thank you” benefits for donors.) The Feldenkrais Project is a living collection of lessons. From time to time I replace a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lesson with a new recording or edit, based on feedback from the listener community and refinements in my understanding and teaching of the Feldenkrais Method. Newer isn't necessarily better for everyone, and listener feedback has taught me that some people prefer the teaching and variations used in the older versions. Others just like to have additional ways to explore a lesson.

So when I do replace a lesson, the previous version will find a home here, available for Patrons to stream any time. These lessons are not available for download.

There's no particular learning order to this collection, so follow your curiosity! If a lesson isn't comfortable initially, try another and return to it later.

Descriptions of each lesson give you a sense of its aim, though everyone's learning process is unique and you may find other benefits.

Legacy and Alternate Lessons - Feldenkrais Method with Nick Strauss-Klein

Talk and Lessons from “Access Your Axis” (Patrons only) »

This full workshop recording presents two short talks and two related lessons on the theme of Access Your Axis. Patrons can listen to the full, uninterrupted workshop here. All users can access the separate, edited tracks in our Getting Oriented collection.

Lessons and Talks from TCF 10 Year Celebration (Patrons only) »

A public workshop celebrating 10 years of Nick's Twin Cities Feldenkrais classes at the St. Paul JCC, suitable for newcomers and long-timers alike. The first of the three lessons is only available in this recording. TIMESTAMPS: • 0:22 Talk 1: Intro and context • 4:45 Lesson 1 (43 minutes): Basic Side-Bending and Weight Shifting • 47:50 Talk 2: We're always learning, and discussion about standing taller • 51:40 Lesson 2 (20 minutes): The One Shoulder Lesson [also found in Patrons Monthly collection] • 1:11:20 Lesson 3 (27 minutes): Simple Floor Clock [also found in Getting Oriented]

Folding, Foundation, and Length (Patrons only) »

Lying on the back, holding the head and knees in different combinations, improving the forward folding of the body through building awareness of the use of the ground (foundation) and aspects of lengthening. Relating the ankles, lower back, and head.

Periscope 2 (Patrons only) »

Side-lying, using the arm like a periscope to improve the use of the shoulder, and learn about and integrate the function of the whole shoulder structure with the neck, chest, spine, pelvis, and legs. Also develops relationships with the eyes.


Returning to favorite lessons will yield new insights. It can be very surprising to new Feldenkrais students how lessons you "know" are a completely different, valuable experience on subsequent explorations.

You might also want to browse our Learning Guides for ideas to help bridge your Feldenkrais learning into everyday life.

We all thrive when more people are doing more Feldenkrais. Please share this resource!

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