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Finding Sensations of Not Shortening (Patrons Only) »

Side-lying and front-lying with optional rolling, framed by brief standing explorations. Movement riddles for the chest, shoulders, neck, spine, and legs are presented in a focused context of lengthening. Uses sensory images of the five cardinal lines of the body, breathing, organizing the “core,” and expanding into the support surface to create opportunities to sense and inhibit unnecessary shortening. Begins with a summary of what we're exploring.

From the listener comments:

Wow, another great lesson Nick. My new morning routine is to wake up to a class. What a super way to start my day! Breathing with length 🙂

I feel so energized from this…. Thanks for making it so easy to keep doing these ATMs.

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Thinking and Breathing (Patrons only)

Back-lying and seated, improving awareness and use of the whole breathing apparatus by directing attention to specific anatomy while experimenting with "stepped" breathing and different body configurations. Lesson #12 from Moshe Feldenkrais's 1972 book called Awareness Through Movement. Starts with an essential anatomy lesson that cultivates concepts and imagery used throughout the ATM lesson. Illustrations are below the audio player.

October 20, 2021

Improving Rotation, Embracing Our Differences (Patrons Only)

Back-lying, often using the self-hug configuration, as well as front-lying. Learning to better sense, differentiate, and skillfully integrate turning your head, neck, shoulders, chest, spine, and pelvis. Best for experienced Felden-fans, see the Context tab for links to recommended prerequisite lessons.

September 27, 2021

The Power of One Foot (22 or 36 min, Patrons only)

A "short version" stopping point is noted in the middle. Back-lying, one knee bent, framed with brief walking explorations. This potently asymmetrical lesson dives deeply into the common ATM lesson ingredient of pushing one foot into the floor. Intended to inspire improvisation after studying, this lesson asks: can you learn how to improve how you’re feeling and functioning even with short or very simple ATM explorations? How about one-sided, or self-led?

August 20, 2021

Self-Hug, Embracing Our Differences (Patrons Only)

Back-lying, often knees bent. Learning to gently roll the head, shoulders, and chest from side-to-side while skillfully differentiating other parts of the body, especially the legs and pelvis. Explore how we constantly reconfigure our internal organization in order to keep a part of our body unmoving in relationship to the outside world. NOTE: helpful photos in the Comfort & Configuration tab.

July 1, 2021

A Dynamic “Core” Lengthens the Spine (Patrons Only)

(Advanced lesson; be sure to read Comfort & Configuration notes) Back-lying, often knees bent. Using a reference image of the five lines of the body, movements of folding the legs create gentle challenges to awareness and self-regulation as you first let the pelvis move freely, then later dynamically stabilize it. While the "core" reckons with the weight of the legs, you'll explore how to maintain simplicity and length in the spine, easy fullness of breathing, and efficiency of effort.

June 17, 2021

Dynamic Balance: Stability Through Suppleness (Patrons Only)

Framed by brief explorations in standing, this mostly side-lying lesson presents gently de-stabilizing movements of the head and legs to help you explore and improve your balance in a supple, whole-self way.

May 26, 2021

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To enjoy some of our Patrons Monthly lessons in larger learning contexts try our Deep Dives, where we integrate Patrons-only content with other Feldenkrais Project lessons in specialized study sequences. Patrons have full access.

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  • Nick Strauss-Klein
    March 5, 2019 3:57 pm

    As you explore the Patrons Monthly lessons please leave comments and questions on the lesson pages – they build our community, improve our visibility on the web, and refine my teaching and which lessons I choose to add.

    You can also leave a comment right here to request lessons or topics of study.

  • I like lessons with a rolling part in them, they are so much fun! This lesson maked me especially aware of my Sternum and that I usually direct it “backwords”. I will pay attention to a more balanced direction (in the mid of backwards and forwards) of my Sternum after doing this lesson. Thank you Nick for sharing your Knowledge with us.

  • Rib basket and shoulder cloak lesson is great. Taught me a lot about being upright.

  • I did this lesson twice in the space of a week. The second time I put all my thinking into feeling my shoulder blades resting on the floor. I noticed the weight of each shoulder blade as it glided along the floor. The result was wonderfully differentiated shoulder blades. One shoulder blade that has felt glued to my ribs for over fifty years can now move independently. It is amazing what listening to the instructions can achieve.


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