Below you'll find a few short videos that are helpful for getting oriented to the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education.

What is Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement?

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais created and developed the Feldenkrais Method throughout his life. The approach is designed to strengthen the mind/body connection through holistic means. Verbally led Feldenkrais lessons are called Awareness Through Movement lessons.

"Awareness Through Movement" describes exactly what is happening: as students move, they're directed to focus on different body parts, relationships, and sensations, becoming more aware of how the muscles, bones, and nervous system work together to make movement happen. Then, they make small changes and feel how the moving and sensing experience changes. Through these adaptations and detailed sensory perception a deeper awareness develops, and communication between the body and mind improves. This can be a life-changing experience and open doors to joyful movement that have not been explored before.

Feldenkrais with Baby Liv

These adorable three-minute videos articulate the human motor learning process (which is the Feldenkrais learning process) very succinctly and clearly. Video of a baby exploring movement naturally is interspersed with typical cues about movement and sensing that you'll hear in our lessons as you explore the same concepts!

Feldenkrais with Baby Liv: Rolling

Feldenkrais with Baby Liv: Crawling

Skeleton "Rudy" Moves Naturally

A fascinating way to see some of the skeletal movement connections we're often seeking to help you sense and refine in our Feldenkrais lessons.

Back-Lying Movements

Side-Lying Movements

Hear from Class Participants

Another introduction to Feldenkrais as it is taught in education, wellness, and fitness centers. This one features class participants talking about their experience.

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