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Today’s Lesson

Today's Lesson

Each day we feature one freely offered lesson and one for our Patrons. It’s like dropping into a Feldenkrais class!


Freely Offered

Chanukia, the Candle Holder Lesson
Mostly in back-lying, knees bent. Using a precise configuration of the shoulders and elbows to mobilize and build awareness of movements and relationships of the shoulders, shoulder blades, clavicles, sternum, spine, head, pelvis, and the whole rib structure.
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For our Patrons

Folding, Arching, and Rolling (Patrons only)
Mostly side-lying. Refining our awareness and skill for the many ways we can gather the front of the body together (folding) and also lengthen it (arching), including very fine work with the spine, sternum (breastbone), and shoulders. Integration of breathing with these ideas. Experiments at the end of the lesson turn these primary functions into rolling.
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