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Freely Offered

Easier Sitting Workshop Lesson 1
Chair-seated, with a middle portion in back-lying. Identifying the sitbones and enriching your awareness of them, then developing the relationships between the head, sitbones, and spine as they relate to plumb (the line of gravity through the vertical skeleton). Introduces the classic Feldenkrais pelvic clock image as a way to refine and expand dynamic support possibilities for the sitbones, pelvis, and whole self.
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For our Patrons

Rib Basket, Shoulder Cloak (Patrons)
Framed by brief standing explorations of breathing and walking, this mostly back-lying lesson is designed to improve differentiation of the ribs and shoulders, and to improve their integration with functional movements of the arms, legs, hips, spine, and head. Uses a fascinating constraint of precisely relating the scapulas to the plane of the floor.
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