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Today’s Lesson

Today’s Lesson

Each day we feature one freely offered lesson and one for our Patrons. It’s like dropping into a Feldenkrais class!

Freely offered

Rolling with Length
Back-lying with one knee standing, and front-lying. Rolling over a long, spacious, breathing side, with plenty of room to improvise.
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For our Patrons

Freeing Your Breath and Spine: the full-length edit (Patrons only)
Various positions, first half back-lying. Experiments with the verticality and 360 possibilities of the breath mechanism, leading it toward greater freedom and adaptability. Along the way, imaging and prompting a more supple, supportive spine. Uses what the Feldenkrais community calls “paradoxical breathing.” TIMESTAMPS: • 0:00 Lesson: Freeing Your Breath and Spine • 37:00 Discussion: effects of coughing, and the problem with breathing any "right" way • 39:00 Additional ATM explorations
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