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A Pelvic Clock "Primer"

Our Deep Dives gather standalone Feldenkrais Project lessons into themed courses of study. Newcomers, we recommend exploring our primary collections first for a more generalized intro to Feldenkrais.

I try to do some Feldenkrais every day, even if I don’t have time for a full lesson. The various elements of this Pelvic Clock lesson are often my go-to few minutes of practice.

– a listener comment from Connie on the first lesson below

Is your pelvic clock ticking?

Here are ten lessons derived from Moshe Feldenkrais’s famous movement image. Most Felden-fans resonate with what Connie wrote: pelvic clock is essential study, and it’s great to have lots of variations in your “repertoire." Exploring these lessons in any order will provide different benefits, ideas, and movement options you can revisit any time, even in everyday seated activities.

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First, 60 Seconds of Visual Anatomy

This video from the amazing shows how movements of the pelvis involve our whole skeleton.

Pelvic Clock Lessons

We've included highlights from the discussion on each lesson page.
If you’ve got something to say or ask after you do a lesson, please add your own comment.

Short and Sweet

Great for everyone, perfect for newcomers

Simple Floor Clock (26 minutes)

Beverly Brookman: Thanks Nick! Since I have lumbar (and spine generally!?) arthritis, this was amazing! A gentle gentle way for me to develop awareness of movement. Miracles happen even at 75!!

Dynamic Sitting and Chair Clock (24 minutes)

Shelly Slyker: A great lesson and introduction, and I love your project of making Feldenkrais accessible.

Connecting Chair and Floor Clock

A full-length intro or refresher
Easier Sitting Workshop Lesson 1

Muriel: I really enjoyed your lesson about sitting and sit bones. Wonderful project! Thank you so much.

A Listener Favorite

One of our very first and most popular lessons
Your Navigational Pelvis

Erzhi: This particular version of the pelvic clock was like a revelation to me – one more missing link towards the awareness of how pressing with the feet relates to the position of the pelvis in standing and walking….

The Classic from Moshe Feldenkrais

He called the original version Differentiation of Pelvic Movements by Means of an Imaginary Clock. Let’s just call it
Moshe’s Pelvic Clock (Patrons)

Here Feldenkrais's clock image is “painted” on the back of your pelvis, not on the floor as Nick usually teaches it.

Unusual Variations

For pelvic clock fans seeking something new
The Hip Joints: Moving Proximal Around Distal

Stephanie: So interesting moving the pelvis in so many directions around the head of the femur.

Another unique take on the pelvic clock, for our Patrons
Sensing Stability: The Sacral Clock (Patrons)

From the Zoom chat: I found this to be a very challenging lesson but such changes when I stood up.

From Nick's mother, who attended this live class: The new fulcrum I have from this morning’s lesson has lasted all day! I feel it when I stand from sitting, walk, bend and then right myself, climb steps. Rather amazing.

Culminates in a clock explored while seated on an unusual surface
Improving Pelvic Floor Control and Ease (Patrons)

A very different use of the clock image
Side Clock: Shoulders (with Intro to Hip)

And a direct follow-up for Patrons
Side Clock: Hips (43 minutes, Patrons) side-lying movements


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