Deep Dive:

Rock & Roll! (and Rotate)

Our Deep Dives gather standalone Feldenkrais Project lessons into themed courses of study. Newcomers, we recommend exploring our primary collections first for a more generalized intro to Feldenkrais.

The “Main Event” of this rock & roll "concert" is the three numbered lessons in the red box. They were recorded sequentially and feature rich connections, and even some class discussion about the sequence. While most of our Deep Dives are primarily for our Patrons, we’ve also included several free options for additional and alternate study.

Opening Act

Simple Self-Hug

Back-lying, one or both knees bent. Learn to gently embrace and cradle yourself in our simplest version of this beloved ATM lesson genre. Melt tension and find more ease and comfort for your shoulders, chest, neck, spine, pelvis, and breathing.

Note: This Deep Dive previously had a different first lesson. It's now the last lesson below.

The Main Event

1) Freeing the Neck with Crawling and Rolling (Patrons)
Front-lying, back-lying, transitioning. Improving integration of the head, neck, shoulders, and chest through explorations of crawling movements and improvisations toward rolling.

Need an alternate lesson? For many people Freeing the Neck is the most difficult lesson on this page. If it’s not accessible for you right now or you’re not a Patron, instead try Legs as Free as a Baby’s

2) Rolling and Hips Like a Baby (Patrons)
Back-lying. Free your hips, shoulders, chest, and back as you explore rolling and weight shifting. Designed to help you add suppleness to your movements, expand your mental image of rolling in internal and external ways, and peek into the developmental neurological value of rolling and the substantial improvements available to most adults.

“So totally pleasant and fluid. My new go to lesson. Thanks.” “Many sensations reminding me of decades ago in my crib.” “Super soothing. Just the pleasure I needed after a lousy night of sleep. Very grateful for this huge support in my life.”

3) Side-lying Twist, and Rolling Recap (Patrons)
Back-lying, side-lying, transitioning, and eventually circling the arm. With plenty of room for improvisation, this lesson builds on recent classes and discussions with students about encountering difficulty in Feldenkrais study. Starts and ends with three-minute talks.

This is my new favorite lesson. It combined everything I need for more flexibility and range but in such a gentle and flowing way that it was all play and no sense of stretching or forcing.


Rolling with Length
Back-lying with one knee standing, and front-lying. Rolling over a long, spacious, breathing side, with plenty of room to improvise.

Ed Soon comments: "It was so pleasurable to roll and I was like a baby again. Thank you!"


  1. Nick Strauss-Klein on November 23, 2021 at 5:56 pm

    How was this Deep Dive for you? What’s the effect of studying multiple lessons on a theme?

    • Jorge Pérez Pérez on December 2, 2021 at 10:47 am

      For me and my wife it is fantastic to have many lessons on a theme.We can organisize and comprimise to have all the serie done.
      We would really appreciate if we could have for jaw and head!!You are sooo great!!Thank you to make it accesible for many of us

      • Nick Strauss-Klein on December 19, 2021 at 6:21 pm

        So glad to hear it! My goal is to publish a Deep Dive for the shoulders, neck, and jaw sometime in Q1 2022.

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