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Hello Felden-fans,

Spinal support is the theme for this month’s featured free Feldenkrais Project lessons! You can “choose your own adventure”: below you’ll find links to Fundamentals of a Healthy Back (a great choice for most people) and two shorter lessons if you don’t have a whole hour.

Too much screen time lately? We’ve all felt how crushing long digital hours can be (physically and psychologically) when we’re collapsed or static in front of our screens. In the Strauss-Klein household all the long-term Zooming for work and school, plus a bitterly cold week keeping us inside, has us craving ways to keep moving well and balancing on our bones.

Each of the Awareness Through Movement lessons below are an opportunity for just that!


Try one (even a short one)

Whichever you choose among these three very different lessons, you’re likely to enjoy easier uprightness, more effective action, improved comfort, and a clearer mind after you study. Just check out the comments from previous listeners below each lesson’s audio player!

Our website and community are really maturing as more and more people study and comment on our free lessons, and we add more lessons, learning tools, and Deep Dives for the donors who make our free content possible. (Click to learn about donation or donor benefits.)

Stay safe, stay kind…and stay warm!


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February’s Featured Free Lessons

Choose your own adventure: click a title to access the lesson player and description. Follow your curiosity to the lesson that sounds right for you!

Spinal Support and a Powerful Pelvis

35 minutes of back-lying simplicity

Dynamic Sitting and Chair Clock

24 minutes, chair-seated: develop your desk-jockey skills

Fundamentals of a Healthy Back

Dive deep into multiple learning techniques for spinal health

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