Happy New Year!

2024 brings an anniversary that doesn’t seem possible: our “new” website turns five in March! For five years, listeners, donors, and I have been collaborating to spread the life-changing benefits of Feldenkrais study as widely as possible.



This year I’ll be exploring some exciting new ways to elevate global awareness and practice of Feldenkrais. I’ll share more as our birthday approaches.


For now, let’s look back and see just how much Feldenkrais our collaboration put out into the world, and how we did it:

  • In 2023 there were 50,000 visitors to our website and around 133,000 lesson pages opened – both increases of about 10% over 2022.

And behind the scenes we’ve just built a new study tool that listeners have been requesting for years: the ability to “save” and “favorite” lessons. We’re now testing this internally.

Soon all donors – Members and Patrons – will be able to track their learning journey through our content, mark lessons to explore next, and never forget favorites.

Thank You, Donors!

You provided the only funding for all this. I’m proud that The FP is ad-free and I bet you are too! I wish more websites were funded by direct support from the people who value them, instead of relying on the usual surveillance capitalism of internet ads.

What does it cost to run The FP? I’m finishing up my 2023 accounting and it looks like our year of upgrades increased our direct expenses for technology and our part-time staff by 20-25%, to around $30,000. This doesn’t include my own work, which has been about 20 hours per week developing our website, creating new lessons, courses, and newsletters, and interacting with our community.

I’m happy to share that donations also grew by 20% in 2023, as more folks than ever contributed to The FP financially. This largely offset our increased expenses.

Not yet a donor? We’d be honored to have your support! It’s a great time to join the Project.

Whether you donate, comment, share our free lessons, or even just listen, THANK YOU for making The FP one of the best places on the web to explore Feldenkrais study!

– Nick Strauss-Klein

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