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“Walking with Your Sternum” is free to all until July 5

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Hello Felden-fans,

This month’s featured free lesson is normally part of our “thank you” lessons for Feldenkrais Project Patron-level donors, but with so many listeners getting out and about lately I want to be sure everyone gets a chance to benefit from this powerful follow-up to last month’s free lesson.

Walking with Your Sternum, linked below, is an awesome lesson for most Felden-fans but it isn’t for beginners.

It’s a sophisticated homebrew lesson I created after years of leading Feldenkrais walking workshops. Anyone with at least a few weeks of Feldenkrais study under their belt can enjoy, and yes you can SHARE it with other Felden-fans – please do before June 30, while it’s free!

If you are a beginner click here for our popular Getting Oriented series of short lessons. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Happy studies!

– Nick Strauss-Klein

PS – Further on down you’ll find more ways to improve standing, walking, and running. I’m happy to keep sharing these resources since so many of you are telling me walking is what you want to study right now!

Featured Lesson
Free Through July 5:

Listen to Walking with Your Sternum

Back-lying, often knees bent. Learning how preparatory movements for taking a step involve the whole self, by sensing and exploring movements of the sternum, both as a reference and a challenge to expand the self-image of walking. Lengthening and sweeping the arms in many directions encourages suppleness of the chest and awareness of the sternum, and helps integrate them with movements of the pelvis, hips, and walking.

From the listener comments :

What a great homebrew lesson! Particularly useful to challenge the sternum and its partner in crime, the ribcage, to move. Surprising to realise that the sternum could have such a strong role in initiating the final complex movements.

– Sue D

Hi Nick, thanks for a beautiful lesson! Following the movements of the sternum, I imagined it as a piece of jewlery, like a lovely clasp of a bracelet holding the ribs together (in front) like they were several rows of beads.

– Niva

More ways to improve

Freely offered to all: Check out our collection called Lessons for Standing, Walking, and Running. Thank you to our Feldenkrais Project Members and Patrons for making all our freely-offered audio lessons possible! As always we are 100% funded by heartfelt freewill donations from our listeners.

For our Members and Patrons: Among our many donor “thank you” benefits is access to the Related Lessons tab for every Feldenkrais Project audio lesson, so you can find more of what you want to study related to any of the free walking lessons linked above. And for Patron-level donors, your three dozen additional lessons include our Walking from Your Spine Deep Dive.

Enjoy the camaraderie of live study on Zoom? By request from our weekly pay-what-you-can participants we’ll continue to study Walking with Your Whole Self lessons through June. Upcoming lessons and recent recordings are available. We’re exploring material closely related to Walking with Your Sternum. Newcomers are welcome!

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We all thrive when more people are doing more Feldenkrais. Please share this resource!

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