With our new “My Journey” study tool and its recent upgrades, The FP has become a personalized lesson tracking web app for our Members and Patrons, not just a website. Being logged into your donor account allows you to take advantage of all these new study tracking tools, and many more donor benefits.

No one likes to have to login repeatedly, so we’ve changed our settings to allow you to stay logged in almost indefinitely.

We recommend keeping a tab open in your device’s browser that is logged into The FP. That way you can always access our newest donor benefits without logging in again. To find our newest lessons go to that browser and return to our homepage (click our logo at the top) and scroll down to What’s New.

Most folks like to listen to our lessons on their phones. Unfortunately, on mobile devices, clicking links in our emailed newsletters tends to produce a new logged out browser window. For our newsletters, press and hold any link, click copy, then paste it to your logged in browser tab.

With these tips you’ll rarely need to log in again!


About security and privacy:

  • It’s safe to stay logged in. The Feldenkrais Project does not store our donors’ financial information on our servers. It is safely stored at PayPal and Stripe, the internet’s leading secure payment processors.
  • Also, please know that we are not asking you to stay logged in for any nefarious purpose! It is simply for your convenience. We do not serve internet ads and we do not sell our users’ information. Tracking your journey through our content is for your educational purposes only. We take your privacy very seriously. See our Privacy Policy for more info.

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