Good news! We’ve just combined our recent website upgrades to make some very useful improvements to My Journey, our study tracking software for all donors. If you haven’t tried it yet or you’re not yet a donor, click that link to learn more.


  • Members and Patrons, this means you can now “save & fave” all our content, not just audio lessons. You’ll find bookmark and heart icons at the top of our bonus video lessons, and we’ve also added them to lesson collections, Deep Dives, Little Dips, and talks.
  • Your saves & faves also now show up in your Search & Filter results, so you can see at a glance which content you’ve explored.
  • Search & Filter results are now more clearly titled, and the default view shows all content, not just audio lessons.


These are just the latest in a string of upgrades enabled by our donors’ generosity! Thanks, Members & Patrons, for helping us make The FP a better and better place to study Feldenkrais!


– Nick

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