It’s time to celebrate!

Five years ago today, with the support of hundreds of donors and thousands of listeners, we launched in pursuit of a shared vision.

Since then it’s become one of the top Feldenkrais destinations on the internet. Our wonderful global community of has expanded dramatically. Our library of audio lessons has grown from dozens back at Twin Cities Feldenkrais, to over 135 today – including 52 lessons offered freely thanks to our donors.

In the last year, donor support has also enabled us to make amazing technical improvements for all users. We’re especially proud of our powerful lesson search and filter tool which everyone can enjoy. We’ve expanded our content offerings too, with new free lessons, new Patron lessons, and more bonus video content to thank Members and Patrons.

And we’ve done it all without subjecting you to annoying internet ads or a constant barrage of emails.

The FP’s successful crowd-funding model is something our whole community should be proud of. I am! I never dreamed that my optimistic 2019 business plan (which was honestly just “give generously and ask nicely”) would welcome so many people to Feldenkrais study, nurture such a large and kind online community, and create funding that allowed us to expand and polish The FP to this level!

In celebration of our milestone birthday we’ve just added major new content and features. They’re all listed below.


New course: Grounding for Liftoff

How do the best athletes and dancers move as if weightless? What if we could bring that elegant, effortless quality of movement into everyday life, as well as athletics and artistic performance?

Through the highly specific, detailed lessons in this course you’ll study and improve how you connect to the ground and lift yourself away from it. You’ll unlock more elegant, effective, satisfying and sustainable movement patterns in all that you do, rooted in the clarity and reliability of the ground itself.

Linked below, this course begins with three free classic Feldenkrais Project lessons in a section called “Taking Root to Fly.”

Then it continues with a chance to review and refine your skill with bonus video content for all our donors (Members and Patrons, meaning you can access this part for as little as $3).

My recent Self Empowerment workshop is included in the bonus video content. It summarizes the most important learning in the course, and you can jump right in with the workshop, or even just the talk from the workshop.

Finally, the last half of the course is our way of thanking our Patron-level donors. It includes recent Patrons Monthly lessons and…


Two new Patron lessons

Powerful developmental themes are explored with a playful attitude in these brand new lessons:

  • Lifting Like a Baby – They have such big heads, and such little muscles. How do they do anything?!
  • Joyful Lifted Rolling – Grow out of the fetal position into expansive lengthening, lifting and rolling.


New feature: “My Journey”

It’s not just lesson content that we’ve been busy adding. Over the last few weeks we quietly rolled out a feature listeners have been requesting for years.

Members and Patrons can now track their progress through our lessons by marking them as “Saved/Exploring” or “Favorite.”

This means that for as little as $3/month you can build your own lists of lessons to study from!


Preview “My Journey”


Thank you for five wonderful years! I love sharing Feldenkrais with you – thanks for making it possible by listening, sharing, and supporting The FP. Learn more about donation and donor benefits here.

Here’s to the next five years, and a lot more Feldenkrais in the world!

In gratitude,

Nick Strauss-Klein

PS – No time for a lesson now? Watch or listen to my talk called “Feldenkrais for Self Empowerment” instead. It summarizes the course below nicely.



New Deep Dive Course

Grounding for Liftoff

Connect to the ground so clearly that you move as if weightless. Learn to draw the earth’s buoyancy up and through yourself and into action.

This course is great for everyone, but it’s essential study for super-movers like somatic teachers, athletes, dancers, actors, and musicians.

TIP: You may have already started this course! If you’ve followed our recent monthly newsletters we’ve featured the first three lessons.

FIVE FREEBIES: The first three lessons are always free, and my included Self Empowerment workshop has two more that are free through March 12, as a preview of donor benefits. The workshop was designed for accessibility, so you can dive right into it first!

New for Patrons

These lessons are self-contained learning. Dive right in OR catch them in the context of the new course.

Lifting Like a Baby + Simultaneous Lifting

Discover how baby-like games of effortlessness can make you a more poised and potent adult. Starts with explorations of how you first lifted your head while lying on your belly in your crib. Then in back-lying you’ll learn to quietly, precisely lift and lower parts of your body while studying details of ground support, muscle tone, and reversibility of movement, leading to a discovery of surprising “new” baby skills at the end.

Joyful Lifted Rolling

Very simple side-lying movements gradually expand toward rolling. You’ll learn to extend and gather the limbs on one side of your body, then the other, as you coordinate larger rolls with increasingly skillful control of your flexors and extensors. All this creates a profoundly lighter sense of your body and mind.




  1. Gabriele on March 5, 2024 at 9:37 pm

    Thanks Nick,
    I have found the Feldenkrais Project a fantastic resource and love listening to your calming voice as you explain so succinctly the movements you request of us. I have been a member for a short while and as a massage therapist have referred clients (and nearly anyone I talk to) to the portal.
    Today to celebrate the great job you and your team have done over the last 5 years I have become a patron ( I really need to access the pelvic floor lessons 😁)
    Congrats to you and team

    • Nick Strauss-Klein on March 6, 2024 at 6:49 am

      Thanks so much for your referrals, and your generous support!

      Those pelvic floor lessons are fascinating, and there’s so much more Patrons content you can now explore! I’m particularly proud of the Deep Dives.

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