Includes a FREE talk and two ATM lessons for donors, plus discussion. This workshop is a literally uplifting celebration of finding inner strength with Feldenkrais!

  • Lesson #1, Heel Spirals Through Buttocks, Hips, and Shoulders (back-lying) combines and refines ideas from the three Lifting Up and Through lessons (linked below).
  • Lesson #2, Integrating the Feet for Potent Uprightness (back-lying) grounds us in another way, making all that we do in gravity easier.

Lesson notes are below all the replay buttons.



Everyone can access this workshop’s FREE talk summarizing the principles of Feldenkrais for self empowerment:

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The rest of the workshop is bonus video content for our donors. You can learn about it in the lesson notes and comments below, but to access the lessons and discussion you’ll need to join The FP as Member or Patron. Learn more

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Comfort & Configuration: 

Both lessons are back-lying, framed by brief explorations in standing. Comfort and props are described in the lesson intros and throughout them.



This workshop was designed as self-contained, accessible learning with Feldenkrais newcomers and longtimers in mind. It

Feldenkrais Project regulars will recognize lesson #1’s ingredients in these three audio lessons, which are great review after the workshop:

  1. Lifting Up and Through
  2. Lifting Up and Through 2: Organizing Your Feet (Members & Patrons)
  3. Lifting Up and Through 3: Buttocks and Buoyancy (Members & Patrons)

The second workshop lesson is another version of Integrating the Feet, Torso, Head, and Breath: Connecting to the Earth (44 min, Patrons) with different variations.

This Self Empowerment workshop and the four lessons linked above can all be found in our Grounding for Liftoff course.


Related Lessons:

Check out the related lessons for the four lessons and the course listed in the Context tab above.



Lesson #1 is a homebrew based on a combination of my studies with Feldenkrais Trainer Jeff Haller and my explorations of Moshe Feldenkrais’s Alexander Yanai lesson #13 (“Buttocks”) and another version in his Esalen recordings (#44) as well as bits of AY #300. These resources for Feldenkrais professionals, not for sale to the public.

Lesson #2 is based closely on three lessons I studied with Jeff Haller.



Please don’t share the replay links. They’re intended for current Feldenkrais Project Members and Patrons.



  1. Chris Sigurdson on March 12, 2024 at 3:14 pm

    The self empowerment talk is a beautiful synthesis of everything you’ve talked about before but infused with the wisdom you’ve gained from both Feldenkrais and mindfulness over the years. It’s a skilled and succinct articulation of many wisdom teachings. Thank you.

    • Nick Strauss-Klein on March 12, 2024 at 3:32 pm

      Wonderful to hear! The link to meditation/mindfulness was very intentional – I’m glad that came through. The boundary between Feldenkrais and meditation gets murkier the more I practice both.

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