Happy Holidays!

Here’s another gift for everyone, from The FP: Lifting Up and Through is a brand new addition to our free lesson collection called Better Posture, Walking, and Running.



Linked below, this lesson introduces a more elegant and potent relationship with gravity. Experience the difference between pushing into the ground as you move and walk, and organizing yourself to lift off of it with clarity and power. Thanks to our donors this essential learning is now a permanent part of our free public collections!

Additional study for donors

Members and Patrons: “Lifting Up and Through 2: Organizing Your Feet” is also new and linked below. It’s in video form with screen share illustrations.

Patrons: Both of these lessons complement this month’s “Spiral of Length and Power,” and our other recent monthly Patron lessons.

Thank you

To everyone who listens, donates, and shares The FP: Thank you! More people doing more Feldenkrais makes the world a better place! Thank you for supporting my work, our website, and our small part-time staff.

2023 was an amazing year of growth for our community, lesson library, and study tools as we pursued our vision. Next month I’ll share more details about what we’ve accomplished, along with more new content and study tools!

In gratitude,

– Nick

PS reminder: Don’t forget to enjoy our other holiday gift if you haven’t yet! That holiday treat is only free until Dec 31.


New Always Free Lesson

Lifting Up and Through

Back-lying, mostly one knee bent, one foot standing. Develop an action of lifting your hip forward in a grounded, whole-self way as you learn to draw clear support from the earth up and through you. Great for stability, strength, and confidence in walking, and all movement. Framed by experiments in standing and walking.

Be sure to click on these lesson notes tabs:

  • Context: How this lesson fits in with other learning at The FP
  • Curiosities: Learn about pushing versus lifting to generate action


New Video Lesson for Members and Patrons

Lifting Up and Through 2:
Organizing Your Feet

Recorded right after Lifting Up and Through. Continue your learning with this more detailed teaching of our popular Activating the Arches lesson. There are screen share illustrations and many unique variations, and it’s especially tuned for walking.


Related Patrons Lesson

A Spiral of Length and Power

  • If you haven’t explored this one yet, start with Lifting Up and Through, above.
  • If you have done this lesson, you’ll find Lifting Up and Through is mostly a simpler version of A Spiral of Length and Power, with different variations to explore. It’s great for review.

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