Many cultures and religions have traditions that bring a little extra light this time of year. Here in the northern USA we really need it! As the kids and Jen and I begin our Hanukkah celebrations tonight we want to wish you a warm, merry, and peaceful holiday season.

I’ve got two holiday treats coming your way this month from The FP!



The first is that through December our Patron lesson called Making Peace is unlocked for all to enjoy. I designed it to help you unwind the anxiety pattern and come home to your deepest presence.

Supporting internal harmony may seem like a small thing in the face of all the war and suffering in recent months, but making the world a better place always starts with us.

I share this lesson in hopes it lightens your body and mind, and provides you more strength to support others and work for peace wherever you can.

And keep an eye out for our newsletter just after Christmas for another holiday gift from The FP: a new lesson that will always be free! UPDATE: Here it is!


– Nick

Free Through December

Making Peace: Smooth Breath, Skillful Bias, Supple Chest

Back-lying. Recorded in a “Rest and Recharge” themed class, this workshop-style lesson weaves together three related ATM explorations designed to calm and restore your nervous system. Balance your breath, find and enjoy your primary spinal bias, and then unlock more suppleness in your ribs and shoulders by gently moving within unusual constraints.

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