“Feldenkrais is simply amazing.”

Hi Nick,

[This lesson] was extraordinary. It’s difficult to put the embodied sense into words, but in a nutshell, moving from disconnection to ease, so unexpectedly, was delightful. This morning when I went out for a walk, I almost immediately noticed this smile on my face and through my body. No effort, no falling forward or pushing forward. And energetically joyful.

This wasn’t due to a conscious remembering to stand or hold myself a certain way, but a result of the focus in class on an integrated body. Feldenkrais is simply amazing.

in gratitude,


I love how Linda describes the process and benefits of studying Feldenkrais. Her email arrived after my open house Zoom event back in June called Feldenkrais for Walking. The simple, powerful lesson she’s referring to is one that I often teach at the beginning of walking workshops.

Until now we haven’t had anything quite like it in our permanent collections at The FP. But feedback like Linda’s (and the fact that our users have viewed that event replay over 2,000 times!) nudged me to edit it down into our permanent audio format.

It’s now called Free Your Torso for Better Posture, Walking, and Running, and it’s linked below. It’s always free, thanks to our donors!


Make your own Feldenkrais “project”

Longtime Felden-fans know that rich discoveries often arise when we study multiple lessons on a theme. Try the new lesson first, then expand your learning with a “project” of study over a few days or weeks!

Click on the new lesson below, then click its Context tab. You’ll find links to larger learning contexts.

You’ll see this lesson is now

  • #1 in our free collection about the basics of being upright, now called Lying Down Lessons for Better Posture, Walking, and Running.
  • Part of our shoulders, ribs, and sternum Deep Dive – you’ll figure out why when you try it!
  • #1 in our “little dip” of three free lessons for easier walking (plus two more for Patrons)

Try out the new lesson below, learn the fascinating link between your sternum and how you walk, and enjoy those fall walks more!


New Free Lesson

Free Your Torso for Better Posture, Walking, and Running

Mostly side-lying, framed by standing and walking explorations. Using your sternum as a reference point, free your shoulders, hips, chest, and back for better posture and upright movement. Experience how different organizations of your torso affect your ability to move with freedom and confidence. Ends with a 2-minute talk from the after class discussion.

Try the lesson, then click its Context tab under the audio player for ideas of what to study next!


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