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Member-level donors, we’re fixing a known issue with our search (UPDATE: fixed!)

UPDATE 9/29/21: See our Search Page to use our repaired (and improved) search tools!

Sept. 21, 2021

If you donate $3, $6, or $9 per month to The Feldenkrais Project, first of all thank you for your support! And a big thanks to the eagle-eyed Members who pointed out a software bug to us.

In our Sept. 17 newsletter we recommended that our donors (both Members and Patrons) use our advance search for “zones” as a way to find Arlyn Zones’ influence on the Feldenkrais Project.

This search term and others should work for all donors but right now some are only working for Patron-level donors. Member-level donors are getting an erroneous message recommending they upgrade. Our advanced search is supposed to work for all donors.

Apologies to Members for the inconvenience. While we work on this I’ve copied below the search results we hoped you’d see.

Thanks for your patience while we find and squash a bug!


Just login below to see them, or manage your account if you’re already logged in and still seeing this message.

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