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Have you or someone you know ever considered becoming a Feldenkrais Practitioner? Professional Feldenkrais trainings have been rare lately in North America, and I’m pleased to share that another one is starting up in the fall of 2024!

This 3.5 year program is in-person in New York City. 40 days of training are spread throughout each year in the form of 4-day weekends and two longer segments. There are preview workshops in July and August.

I have personally studied with all four primary teachers, and I’m thrilled with the educational team. I’ve spent the most time with David Zemach-Bersin and Sheryl Field, who both had a profound influence on my understanding and teaching of the Feldenkrais Method.


Learn about the Feldenkrais Manhattan Teacher Training


Whether you want to immerse yourself as deeply as possible in Feldenkrais study for reasons of personal interest and healing, or you’re planning to integrate Feldenkrais into your career, a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program is an amazing learning opportunity.

Joining a Feldenkrais training was one of the most significant and personally beneficial choices I’ve ever made, and not just because I’ve made a career teaching this method that I love. My Feldenkrais training was like an instruction manual for being human, and for life-long learning and maturing.

– Nick


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