Here are a few details about The FP in 2022, framed by the three parts of our vision statement:

Together with our listeners and donors we are…

Spreading the life-changing benefits of Feldenkrais study as widely as possible, including to those who lack funds or access to teachers

  • The FP is now home to 110 permanent lessons, including 52 freely offered lessons. We had 115,000 total lesson page visits in 2022! To become even more accessible we made major improvements in our technology and web design. We added popular new pages like Today’s Lesson and three new Deep Dive courses.

Elevating awareness of the Feldenkrais Method and generating interest in practitioners and classes worldwide

  • In 2022 our average monthly users grew from around 4,000 to nearly 5,000. Users are asking questions and commenting more on our lesson pages. Newcomers joined our mailing list in record numbers. And we saw 1,500 clicks on our Find a Teacher page!

Expanding our listener community and building on the success of our grassroots donations model to secure long-term funding for this project

  • Our total users, Members, and Patrons all reached record numbers this year. And despite the current economy, donation revenue remained strong enough to enable us to make major improvements to our website.
  • Our expenses also reached a record high. Our upgraded tech, maintenance expenses, and many more hours this year for web design and community support staff added up to over $23,000 of direct expenses in 2022.
  • After paying those expenses, remaining Member and Patron donations support my 12-25 hours of Feldenkrais Project work per week. I love sharing Feldenkrais and I am so grateful our donors make it possible on this scale!

In short, it’s been a great year

We’re growing in a healthy, sustainable way. Just like in personal Feldenkrais study, that’s exactly the way we want to mature.

Because we offer free high-quality Feldenkrais lessons we’ve become one of the web’s biggest and best places to study Feldenkrais. And we’re proud to do it without running ads or selling user data.

But of course our website isn’t free at all.

If you’re a Member or Patron, THANK YOU for making it possible!

If you’re not, please consider joining the Feldenkrais Project for as little as $3 per monthClick here to learn more about supporting our work.

Donors tell us that being a Member or Patron feels great! And they love all our donor benefits.

Do not donate if doing so creates any financial stress. Our goal is to support you — body, mind, and quality of life — never to add a burden.

We look forward to sharing much more Feldenkrais with listeners all over the world in 2023.

in gratitude,

Nick Strauss-Klein


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