Life is not a stable process. Our ability to recover is our greatest quality

–Moshe Feldenkrais

It’s a tough go right now. In the USA the dueling tensions of election season and the surge in the pandemic batter our sanity and safety. For me it’s been essential each day to harness the sense of stability I’ve learned from my own Feldenkrais study.

I know, I know: I’ve shared similar thoughts many times, but it’s particularly personal right now. Running thoughts and genuine fears rise easily these days, and I wouldn’t know how to meet them and keep functioning as a husband, father, and professional without returning to practical moment-to-moment skills of awareness and self-regulation I’ve learned: my weight on this chair, my next breath, the effortless support and flowing balance of my bones.

Options for more freedom, ease, and effective action are always at-hand – no matter the stressors – just as soon as I tune in to my embodied self. We are born with an internal compass pointing toward personal stability, and even in a storm it only takes an instant of awareness to begin to sense our way home.

In addition to the support I give myself through my own Feldenkrais study I find joy and strength in the wonderful community that’s grown up around our Zoom class. If you haven’t tried it yet, pay-what-you-can and drop in Tuesday morning as we begin our November “Sensing Stability” lessons!

I hear from our weekly students frequently about how valuable a Feldenkrais “appointment” is for learning and connecting with other explorers. As a dear friend of mine said recently, who wasn’t doing more Feldenkrais even though she finds it so helpful, “the longest distance is somehow between right where I am and the floor.” If you agree, try a class! Some of us need this weekly appointment for self-care. I know I do.

Hope you’ll join us! I think you’ll love our first “Sensing Stability” lesson, especially if you’re waiting in line to vote later Tuesday. It’s done on the floor as usual but often leads to a particular boost in standing skills!

Stay safe and stay kind,

Nick Strauss-Klein

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