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Straight from Class

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Straight from Class - Feldenkrais Method with Nick Strauss-Klein

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  • I like lessons with a rolling part in them, they are so much fun! This lesson maked me especially aware of my Sternum and that I usually direct it “backwords”. I will pay attention to a more balanced direction (in the mid of backwards and forwards) of my Sternum after doing this lesson. Thank you Nick for sharing your Knowledge with us.

  • Rib basket and shoulder cloak lesson is great.Tayght me a lot about being upright.

  • I did this lesson twice in the space of a week. The second time I put all my thinking into feeling my shoulder blades resting on the floor. I noticed the weight of each shoulder blade as it glided along the floor. The result was wonderfully differentiated shoulder blades. One shoulder blade that has felt glued to my ribs for over fifty years can now move independently. It is amazing what listening to the instructions can achieve.

  • Nick what keeps happening?
    When I come back from leaving a lesson I have quite a hard time finding it, so I can complete it,, it can cause me more anxiety then when I started, I have to find it, a challangefor me,at this time in my life.

    This happened again today, last night and a few other times s


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