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Text list of links to all our collections of lessons

  1. Getting Oriented: Short lessons and talks cover the basics. Great for everyone, perfect for newcomers.
  2. For Standing, Walking, and Running: Essentials of human uprightness. Improve while lying down!
  3. For Easier Sitting: Improve dynamic sitting skills and comfort. Study seated or lying down.
  4. Freeing the Spine, Chest, Shoulders, and NeckReduce pain and tension. Improve flexibility and breathing.
  5. Learning the Limbs, from the CenterFor more experienced listeners seeking precision, power, and grace.
  6. Miscellaneous Lessons: Lesson titles and descriptions help you choose.
  7. Lessons from Awareness Through Movement (Freely offered currently; Patron-level donors only after January 1 2022): Developed from Moshe Feldenkrais’s 1972 book.
  8. Patrons Monthly (Patron-level donors only): Additional content for Patrons: brand new lessons, monthly!
  9. Legacy and Alternate Lessons (Patron-level donors only): Additional content for diving in deeper, for Patrons.
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