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May’s FP Weekly theme: Liberate Your Lower Torso

Update: This course has ended but replays of all five lessons are available for pay-what-you-can purchase! Stream/download/audio/video – it’s your choice.

The FP Weekly: Liberate Your Lower Torso
Tuesdays in May, 9:30-10:30 AM US Central time
Nick Strauss-Klein led all five May classes

In this month’s Feldenkrais Project Weekly class we’re all about the pelvis and everything connected to it! Our May lessons are designed to help you find more comfortable, skillful whole-body integration for your hips, pelvic floor, abdomen, and lower back

We’re aiming for wide-ranging learning and improvement throughout the region — and throughout the whole human! We’ll be including awareness explorations designed to improve pelvic floor function and gently help hips.

Lessons will be done mostly lying down as usual, but we’ll do a little chair-seated study too so you can connect your learning directly to upright life. You’ll get to know your sit bones better, and learn how their support can create amazing opportunities for ease and improvement.

Reduce pain, improve function, and enjoy more freedom in all that you do. Liberate your lower torso!

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  • Hi Nick, I am a relatively newly mented patron but I’ve been following you for many months before that. You are fabulous! Doing Feldenkreis with you is making a huge difference in my life. Being that I’m on the west coast how can I access these new Tuesday am classes? Do they come with being a patron or is that extra? Thank you so much. Morey Fox

    • Nick Strauss-Klein
      May 3, 2022 2:08 pm

      Hi Morey, These weekly Zoom classes and recordings are an additional service that was inspired by the pandemic. It’s not funded by Patron donations, but rather pay-what-you-can pricing. And we totally understand when our Members and Patrons choose to pay less for The FP Weekly!

      Sounds like you’d have to be up early on the west coast (7:30 a.m.) to join us live, but recordings are available too. All the info is on the page linked by the big blue button above. Take a peek there, then contact me if you have further questions.

      Glad to hear Feldenkrais has been so helpful! Thanks for your FP Patron-level support, and interest in The FP Weekly.


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