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Straight from Class is now called Patrons Monthly

As part of our upgrades to Patron benefits this fall we’ve renamed and redesigned our always-growing collection of lessons for our Patron-level donors. Anyone (Patron or not, logged in or not) can use its powerful search and filter tools to preview what’s there. Sometimes you’ll find free peeks at Patron perks, including this November, 2021.

Visit Patrons Monthly

Why the name change?

Over the course of the pandemic I realized I was no longer using the Straight from Class collection as I intended when we designed the website three years ago. It’s always been a great way to thank our Patrons by offering new content each month, but originally my intention was to barely edit the lessons, to instead give online listeners a “straight from class” experience each month.

But this year it occurred to me that long ago some deep creative urges changed my plans! Instead of simply sharing a recent class, each month I’ve been carefully choosing what to send you by combing recordings for the most interesting and creative lessons, and favoring lessons that fill out pedagogical “gaps” in our offerings. Then I edit them carefully and add lesson notes to create the best possible flow, clarity, and learning opportunity I can for the home listener.

Owning up to the obvious: yup – I’ve got a perfectionist streak. What can I say, I’m a trained classical musician!

Another realization that struck me this year: we’ve got a genuine “straight from class” opportunity every week online! For the unedited classroom experience please enjoy our weekly pay-what-you-can Zoom classes, available live or by recording.

And for an ever-expanding, carefully crafted collection of my very favorite lessons visit our Patrons Monthly collection!

Tip: Always be sure to check the Related Lessons tab to see how the new lesson connects with your Feldenkrais Project favorites. This one’s got some great info in the Curiosities tab, too.



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