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Upcoming changes to Patron-level donation on January 1, 2022

In 2022 rates to access our Patron-level benefits will increase for Patrons who join (or rejoin) after January 1, to better reflect the value of our ever-expanding Patron benefits and the realities of funding the Feldenkrais Project (The FP) as we grow and pursue our vision. Our costs for 2021 are around $13,000 for technology and our part-time staff, plus hundreds of hours of Nick’s time.

After January 1, monthly Patron-level access to our website increases from $18 to $21. Quarterly access changes from $45 to $54. Yearly, $150 to $180.

At the new year, current Patrons will be “grandfathered in” and can keep our current rates AND receive the upgraded Patron benefits described here.

With these changes we will still be priced at the bottom of the range for comparable, more traditional membership websites (which now cost as much as $50/month), even though we also freely offer 50 high quality Feldenkrais lessons to everyone with an internet connection. We do this because we believe passionately that learning to learn from yourself – the unique gift of the Feldenkrais Method – should be available to all, including those who lack funds or access to teachers.

Here’s what this means for you:

  • Not a Patron? Join now to lock in our original 2019 rates before they increase. It’s the best time ever to join The FP at the Patron level! Click here to learn about all our donor “thank you” benefits.
  • If you’re an active, recurring Patron (not cancelled or “expired”) your rates WON’T increase. You’ll continue monthly, quarterly, or yearly support for The FP at the amount you chose previously, until you cancel or your payment method expires. (Click Manage Account to update your payment method anytime.)
  • If you have a non-recurring Patron account (because it’s already cancelled or “expired”) and you want to lock in our original rates, you’ll need to renew Patron-level donation in 2021 before the increase.
  • Member-level donors: there are no donation amount changes. But you may wish to download the six lessons in our ATM Book collection before 2022 to retain access to them if you don’t plan to become a Patron. They are joining our Patron benefits on January 1 (more info here).

If you’re not a current Patron, click here before 2022 to begin, renew, or upgrade support for The Feldenkrais Project at our original 2019 Patron rates.

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