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November & December’s weekly Zoom classes focus on the Neck, Jaw, and Shoulders

11/29/21 UPDATE: Due to high interest we’ll be continuing November’s theme through December 7, 14, & 21. Feldenkrais Trainer Deborah Bowes will be teaching our class a lesson of her choice on Dec. 28th.

Free Your Neck, Jaw, and Shoulders

Tuesdays in December, 9:30-10:30 AM US Central time, with live discussion after class

Led by Nick Strauss-Klein. A recording will be emailed to all registrants Tuesday afternoons, along with “homework” suggestions and free Feldenkrais lessons to explore between classes.

There’s a multitude of neuromusculoskeletal connections between the neck, jaw, and shoulders. One way or another we’ve all experienced these connections, often through a sense of related pains or tightness. These parts of our bodies are intimately linked in biomechanics of course, but the way they function and feel is also closely connected to our thoughts and emotions.

Anxiety and stress can tie our shoulders up in knots, shorten our necks, and tighten our jaws, but changes and improvements in this region have a profoundly positive effect on our ability to relax and rest, on the ease and effectiveness of all our movements, and on our overall quality of life.

November’s classes feature Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons designed to help you explore and improve how your neck, jaw, and shoulders relate to each other and to your whole self, so you can learn to reduce pain, improve function, and feel more free…in body and mind!

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Join us on Zoom if you can! Live participants have the added benefit of unrecorded Q&A and discussion after class.

Can’t attend live? That’s ok! Whether or not you’re on the Zoom call all registrants automatically receive the lesson recording in video, audio, streamable, and downloadable formats.

We all thrive when more people are doing more Feldenkrais. Please share this resource!

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