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Feldenkrais Podcast Interview

I was recently interviewed on the Feldenkrais: Moving Into the Unknown podcast. The hosts are training to become professional Feldenkrais Practitioners, and part of their podcast’s mission is to explore how “to truly embody our human potential in a world of constant change.” I love it!

They’re working hard, through this free podcast, to elevate global awareness of the method and connect the growing community of Felden-fans on the web.

That sounds a lot like our vision at The Feldenkrais Project, doesn’t it? I’m pleased to promote their good work and I appreciated the chance to talk about The FP. I think you’ll enjoy our conversation.

Listen Now

That link goes directly to the episode I’m on, but you can also use your pod-catcher of choice to subscribe and find previous episodes with some of my favorite Feldies, including Cynthia Allen, Russell and Linda Delman, Alan Questel, Larry Goldfarb, and Jeff Haller.

Enjoy, and please share this free resource.

– Nick Strauss-Klein

We all thrive when more people are doing more Feldenkrais. Please share this resource!

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