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Recent “Bell Hand” Zoom Lessons: What people are saying

Recently my weekly class headed in an interesting direction that I’ve not yet explored in our permanent Feldenkrais Project audio lesson collection, but Zoom recordings are available on the page linked below. We dove into two weeks of the “Bell Hand” genre of Feldenkrais lessons.

Studying Bell Hand lessons allows our nervous system to be soothed and organized by embracing two simultaneous different processes: 1) maintaining a beautiful flowing, pulsing, gently closing and unclosing hand…while 2) studying and improving different, often larger motor functions. Together these explorations often have a phenomenal effect on the our entire organization and function.

Student feedback has been inspiring! You can purchase these recordings on our Zoom page (pay-what-you-can model) or read on for after-class Zoom chats and emails I’ve received about them.

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About the January 19 lesson, “Bell Hand on Belly”: “beautiful! feeling a circular bell hand sensation throughout. so quiet and free!” “This lesson challenged how clunky I often feel!” “So delicate and mediative, loved it :)” “felt like rocking nurturing myself like a mama. so sweet. Thk u!”

About the January 26 lesson, “Getting Free with a Bell Hand”: “This may have replaced Pelvic Clock as my favorite lesson. Absolutely amazing.” “Last week put me in touch with my clunkiness; this week I felt gracefulness come forward. Thank you!” “Feldenkrais meets qigong” “thanks, nick! may the pulse be with you :)”

“I was so anxious and uncomfortable before trying this class and now I feel calm, grounded and incredibly grateful!”

“My nervous system is so happy or relaxed!! I was going to ask for some lessons working with the hands, so I am very happy to have this lesson.”

We all thrive when more people are doing more Feldenkrais. Please share this resource!

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