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For Members and Patrons: May’s ATM and AMA

[UPDATE: As a temporary additional donor benefit during the first months of quarantine I offered periodic donors-only Zoom Feldenkrais ATM classes and Q&A discussions. These three recordings are available to current Members and Patrons of the Feldenkrais Project, and they include the event below. -Nick]

Thursday May 28, 11:00 AM (CDT) Videoconference

Awareness Through Movement lesson and Ask Me Anything discussion with Nick

It’s been 10 weeks since social distancing began, and many of us are craving more chances to connect. Here’s our second special opportunity to gather together the unique and generous community whose financial contributions provide 100% of the funding for the Feldenkrais Project. I’m humbled and overwhelmed by what we’ve been accomplishing during the Covid-19 crisis, and I’d love a chance to thank you, enjoy a lesson together, and then have a lively Feldenkrais chat!

Please join me Thursday on a 75-minute video call as we enjoy an ATM lesson followed by about a half-hour of Ask Me Anything (AMA) discussion. By request (and since so many of us are looking for ways to lower the stress level!) our lesson will be an exploration intended to ease tensions in the mouth, jaw, and neck.

After the lesson I’ll share some info about the FP currently, then we’ll dedicate most of our discussion time to your questions.

This class and discussion is for Feldenkrais Project Members and Patrons only. Click here to login and be returned to this page so you can register and ask questions, or join the Project for as little as $3. If you’re logged in and still receiving this message, it means your donor benefits may have expired. Please Manage Your Account.
We all thrive when more people are doing more Feldenkrais. Please share this resource!

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